Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dave James - Back To My Deep 2012

If you've been hearing any of the string of superlative remixes that Mr James has been turning out of late, you'll know exactly what to expect here. Very deep, dubby house and techno is his stock-in-trade, and here on a rare outing as an artist/producer (as opposed to remixer) he serves up two fine cuts of just that.

Back To My Deep itself sits on the housier side of the fence, and is a sparse, moody organ-led groove that's nonetheless full of sonic warmth… not to mention some cool analogue synth wobbles. Seriously good late-night tackle. On flipside No Man's Land, meanwhile, we venture into just-slightly techier territories… but without doing anything drastic like actually getting off the sofa, you understand!

Sheer quality deep, deep house music, for those that know. Highly recommended!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Unrivaled Music, who've also been the label where many of those aforesaid remixes were given life.

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