Monday, 30 January 2012

So many tunes, so little time 6

Time for a round-up of some other nice bits and pieces that have come TIWWD's way of late, kicking off with the 'best of the rest' from last week...

Blaze & Ultra Nate
A Wonderful Place
Actually credited to Blaze presents Underground Dance Artists United For Life feat Ultra Nate, but I couldn't be bothered typing all that. Ha ha. Anyway, this is a treat for the soulful lovers in the four mixes promo'd by Sean McCabe, while Tomo Pigeon's Dub takes Ultra into darker, techier territories than we're used to finding her in. What the not-promo'd Fanatix mix sounds like, I can only guess... Neil and Aaron, where's the love, boys, where IS the love?More info

Hennings Project ft Nixon
Do You Believe It
Seamless have regrouped into Seamless Soul, Seamless Deep and Seamless Traxx. This is the first release under the Seamless Soul banner, and another full-vocal treat for the trad lovers. Remixes from Ricky Inch and Frankie Feliciano merely seal the deal.

Jay Lumen
Can You Dance
On this surface, this is a fairly hard tech-houser that doesn't do a lot other such tracks don't… until the very familiar vocal sample comes in (hint: we've already mentioned its originators in this very post). A brave move, but it works. Flip The Drummer is a slightly funkier, more rolling take on a similar sound.

Greg Fenton
Sticking with the harder sounds, here are two solid cuts from my newest Facebook friend Mr Fenton. 1303 is perhaps a bit too out-and-out techno for TIWWD's purposes but Alarm should work on the tech-house floors, having a tad more swing in its veins.
Platform Vol 2
The second installment of 1605 Music Therapy's new sampler series is much harder and more full-on techno-tastic than the first, but Farrel 8's Phunktion might be one for the more headstrong tech-house jocks. Might, I said.

Behind The Line
We come back into housier territories now… well, on the Justin Steel, Lucas Tesselhof and Ben Coda mixes we do, while the Original and Wade Bennett rubs are more suited to techno floors. Tesselhof's big-basslined rub is my pick.
More info (look under Endemic)

Just 2
Moyo/Perfect Groove
Finally from last week, here's another perfectly serviceable slab of tech-house courtesy of this Romanian duo and Southpark Recordings. For house lovers, the Dave Martins & Alex Pro Remix is probably the best bet.

Coming up: some bits n' bobs from the week before that are LONG overdue some props…

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