Sunday, 15 January 2012

So many tunes, so little time 5

Just the usual Sunday night round-up of some other bits n' pieces that are out this week…

DJ Chus & Supernova – Italoberican Grooves
If you dig those uncompromising, no-nonsense drum cuts then you know Chus has been doing this kind of thing longer than most, and as such knows a thing or two about dark percussive tribal grooves. Nuff said.

Gemini - Tribute Vol 2
Last year, Robsoul Recordings from France put out four vintage Gemini tracks, in deference to the Chicago house legend's influence on their sound. Here come four more, dating I believe from the early 90s and show just why Gemini is held in such high esteem. Highlights for me are the discofied Wanna Push You – like Sneak before the fact – and the deep, spacey groove of Spirals.

Self Definition – Lost Land EP
Two tracks of deep D&B from the ever-reliable Plush Recordings. For me, the more liquid, uptempo Lost Land itself has the edge over the more moody, cinematic Incognitus, but that's a matter of personal preference really – both are quality.

Various – Platform Vol 1
A techno five-tracker from 1605, starring Kiko, Marco Bailey, Pe & Ban and DJ Manraks, Fer BR and Hellomonkey. Some of what's on offer is a little hard/linear but Fer BR's Feeling So Close, a rolling disco-techno affair, and Hellomonkey's similarly Sneak-ish Yes are well worth checking on an energetic tech-house tip.

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