Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Onur Ozman - Tyrannic EP

Sticking with the deep vibes, we've not had anything on here from our friends at Acryl Music for a bit I don't think, so let's rectify that right now and discuss this latest from Turkish/German wunderkind Onur Ozman.

The Tyrannic EP sees young Mr Ozman exploring some of his most out-there pastures yet on the title track Tyrannic itself, a meandering affair with lots of glitchy sounds like alarm clocks and… er… other things. One for when you're in a leftfield kinda mood. On Change, by way of contrast, he serves up what sounds like a homage to house music à la Strictly Rhythm circa 1991, with raw old skool drums, bags of space in the production and some cute jazzy touches… niceness! And then only on Capricorn Day are we back on more familiar, contemporary-sounding deep/tech house ground – this sparse, chugging affair has Berlin written all over it, yet also has enough funk/soul in its veins to suit the more diehard traditionalists.

Change would be my pick but all told you've got three very different-sounding tracks that all do their jobs very well indeed.

Out: This week

About: Switzerland's Acryl Music has long been a favourite of this reviewer… hit up their website or Facebook to find out more

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