Monday, 16 January 2012

Christian Sanchez & Frej Le Vin - UpBoogie

Two on the bounce from Endemic I know, but trust, you NEED this tune… not least because it comes with a range of mixes that'll suit a range of deep/tech house jocks.

In its original form, UpBoogie is an upbeat, floor-friendly slab of deep house with a disco sheen that wouldn't sound out of place in an Inland Knights or Short Bus Kids set. It's not likely to win over many mainstream floors because it doesn't actually DO a huge amount… but for the likes of you and me that's not really a problem, is it?

Remix-wise, you get the brilliantly entitled Jazz Menson's Strasse Beats & Smoove Keys Re-Dub, and the more prosaically monikered D00sh Remix. The former is a down n' dirty kinda rub whose initial relentless strobelight bump n' thump is slowly tempered by warm Rhodes chords and tiny snips of fem vox – and is a proper treat for the heads – while D00sh's mix is, unsurprisingly, a gritttier tech-house take, but with some wicked keyboard action thrown in.

Three very varied mixes, then, but top marks all round. Like I said, you NEED this.

Out: This week

About: Oh, look! Here's that Endemic Digital link again!

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