Sunday, 29 January 2012

Noon - Don't Be Rude

If you like your deep house a little on the leftfield/quirky side, then this latest offering from SFX Recordings should suit your needs nicely.

Don't Be Rude comes in just two mixes, the original and an Olivier A Remix. The original is a chuggy and driving piece of dancefloor tech-house, with rolling beats, some lovely warm chords and a very distinctive vocal sample ("Oh! Here's to you/don't be rude/leave the room") – albeit the latter is used quite sparingly.

It's on the Olivier A Remix that the vocal really comes into its own, where it's looped more extensively, along with a snatch of what appears to be Steve Jobs talking and some "come on!" vocal stabs, atop a more skippy, stuttery deep house cut. Microbursts of jazz piano then add the musical touches to what is almost the perfect deep-in-the-zone groover for very, very late nights.

Super stuff – more, please!

Out: This week

About: SFX Recordings is Noon's own label and they're based in Paris*. You can find them on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

*Which is interesting cos this reminds me somewhat of one of my own secret bullets from about ten years ago and that was French as well. But I'm not telling you what it is, so there… a boy has to have some secrets

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