Sunday, 29 January 2012

Various - Bounce House Winter Sampler Vol 2

God bless Bounce House and their uncanny knack of coming up with the bumpin' dancefloor deep house goods every time! There are three tracks in a total of five mixes here, and like Errol once sang, every one's a winner, baby...

First, you have two rubs of Andrey Slam's Shut The Funk Up. This is a fairly traditional disco-fuelled left coast house romper in its Original form, while a 420 Ceis Rebang ups the jerky/spastic factor turn it into a more jackin', Sneak-y workout. Next up is label co-owner DK Watts with This Weekend. The Breakin' Up Mix here is a lo-slung and funked-up to the max dancefloor cut in the SBKs vein, with some Hammond (?) stabs to die for, while the In The House Mix has the more driving 4/4s and general drifty feel to make it perfectly suited for small/after hours play. And finally This Beat Is Hot, also from DK, is an exercise in big kicks, analogue synth fribbles and floaty, disembodied vocals.

Vital stuff from a vital label, nuff said!

Out: This week

About: Here's where you can find Bounce House online.

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