Thursday, 26 January 2012

Seraphine - Costa Lounge

Some more quality house music here from Deepwit, in the form of a four-track EP featuring two mixes of the title track and two of Another Boring Love Story.

Costa Lounge in its original form is a very playable, if not exactly groundbreaking deep house number, featuring suitably warm production overall, some luvverly organ stabs/chords and gently rolling midtempo beats… it's not a dead-cert peaktime stormer or anything but will keep the right floors moving nicely, and it comes accompanied by a remix from Tom Bednarczyk which doesn't do much that's hugely different in terms of structure or sound palette, but does somewhat shift the sonic emphasis to the bottom-end elements of the track a little more, which is never a bad thing.

Moving on to Another Boring Love Story, and I'll be honest here: pleasing as the underlying dreamy, midpaced groove may be, the male/female counterpoint vocal is to these ears over-egged to the point of being somewhat irritating. You may disagree, of course – opinions, arseholes, etc – but to me it's all about the Alvaro Hylander Remix, on which the label owner uses said vocal more sparingly atop a somewhat deeper, dubbier backdrop, making for what ends up being a simply gorgeous cut perfect for afterhours, warm-up or post-club play.

Out: This week

About: Seraphine is a Polish producer who's had stuff out on various labels and who's making his third showing on Deepwit Recordings here. You can find Deepwit, who are based in Denmark BTW, on Facebook, on Soundcloud and of course at their own website.

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