Friday, 6 January 2012

Murray Richardson - Memory Loss EP

In case you're suffering a little memory loss yourself, let me remind you… Murray Richardson may not be the biggest name in house music but he's been doing this shit for a long time. Since making his debut on 2020Vision in 1999, he's gone on to release tracks on the likes of Nordic Trax, Low Pressings, Kickin', and in recent times Baker Street… the Leeds-based house imprint for whom he's now put together this latest EP.

The man's got some pedigree, is what I'm saying… and it shows. On the EP you'll find three mixes of Memory Loss itself, plus bonus cut Sometime Sweet Susan. In its original form, Memory Loss is a tech-house affair based around a chuggy, stuttery bass riff and crisp, hi-hat heavy percussion; synth and vocal stabs then join the party to build the track into a very solid floor-mover with classic Chi-town overtones. H&M's Remix gives the track a little more urgency and a dose of acid, while Gareth Whitehead emphasises the epic/euphoric elements on a rub that will please the more prog-leaning jocks.

Somewhat ironically, though, it's actually Sometime Sweet Susan I'm feeling the most; not only because I'm a contrary old git generally, but also because of its slightly more funktified b-line and the looping, cut-up "your love for me is" vocal sample, which lends the track a certain 'heads-down, locked-on groovin' at 3am' quality.

I think "quality" is a suitable word to end on, actually, so let's leave this one there.

Out: This week

About: The Baker Street website should tell you all you need to know about the label, or you can keep up with Murray's goings-on generally here.

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