Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mark Kruse & Thomas Dieckmann - Walkin'

More absolutely top class deep house action here courtesy of Denmark's Deso Records, who I was singing the praises of on this blog less than a week ago. So I won't bang on about how good the label is again today, I'll just tell you about this record.

It's a nice simple affair, with just the two mixes of Walkin' itself. The original is a fairly uptempo but still decidedly deep affair with hints of classic Jersey garage in those warm organ sounds and the soulful vocal (which, BTW, is kinda vaguely Alabama Blues-y… well, just a bit blues-y generally really I guess). It's a killer… but then on the flip you also get the Echofusion Deeper Then Jazz Remix, which is also a killer, this time largely eschewing the warm, organic Jersey sounds for a slightly more bleepy, synthy, echo-y, dubby kinda ride.

Decisions decisions, eh?

Out: This week

About: Find out more about the very hot Deso Records by hitting up their website or Soundcloud page

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