Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Following

Those of you who've been following this blog for some time, may remember that I named the PHC's eponymous debut album the TIWWD Album of 2009… so it's fair to say that anything new from the band is eagerly awaited round about these 'ere parts. And Following doesn't disappoint.

Now, admittedly, this first single from the forthcoming LP Form & Control sees no huge variation on the heavily space disco-influenced sound of the first album. But if it ain't broke, as they say… so a more apposite criticism might be that there's not a lot on offer remix-wise. There's just Dub, Instrumental and 'Special' takes from the band themselves, and you can't help thinking it might have been nice to see how the track would have shaped up in someone else's hands.

But that's the band's decision to make, not mine, obviously! And I certainly wouldn't need any token remix by the nu-electro-house-step-aton wonderkid du jour to drop this (actually I'd most likely play the Dub, if you're asking… some nice Levan-esque wobbly moments in there).

Out: This week

About: This single, like the soon-come long player (and indeed the last one) comes on Tim 'Love' Lee's long-running Tummy Touch label.

PS In case you were wondering why there was no 'Album of 2010' or 'Album of 2011' from TIWWD, it's cos I decided end-of-year lists are bollocks. Inevitably incomprehensive and hence ultimately futile, time-consuming bollocks. So there.

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