Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Various - Deep Edition 2012

And speaking of labels I've been known to bang on about… here's the latest from Martijn's Deep Editions imprint.

It's a three-track sampler, featuring three different artists associated with the label. Submantra's I'm Not Ready is up first, a fairly upbeat deep house cut in a not-dissimilar vein to the Kruse & Dieckmann single reviewed below, all Jersey-ish organ and vox-as-instrument stabs. Michael McLardy's Time Of Night is up next, a slightly darker-sounding tech-house cut to start with but one that mellows out a little as more musical/soulful elements gradually join the party over the course of its eight minutes and three seconds. And then finally there's How Long Can't I Wait by Ruben F, with a distinctive male vocal sample that should find it friends on deep and soulful floors alike.

Whatever shade of deep you're most into, you should find something to love here. The truth is, I'm digging all three, though Submantra possibly JUST pips it.

Out: This week

About: You can find Deep Edition on Facebook and Soundcloud

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