Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Owen Howells - Steady On Old Boy EP

Following on from his excellent Chips, Beans & Cheese EP which featured on here back in July, here comes Mr Howells again with another sterling four-tracker that, again, blurs the lines between house and techno.

Tech-houser Acha kicks off the EP with its no-nonsense kicks, wonky Hammond flourishes and snatches of vocal samples, both spoken (some dude talking about his first E-xperience) and sung (or rather wailed, in an Ofra Haza-esque fashion). Pantrik, up next, is slightly more readily file-able under 'techno', but in a groovy way, and comes accompanied with a more downtempo n' druggy Stanky Remix.

And then finally Steady On Old Boy, by way of contrast, takes us back into deep house territory, in this particular instance deep house of a very contemporary and rather eastern European-sounding nature, overlaid with heavily-treated soulful vocal snips and what sound to these ears like even more heavily-treated steel drum trills.

As with the last EP, then, overall the vibe is original, forward-thinking and defiantly genre-agnostic – three very good qualities indeed.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Italian label Toffler Music, named of course after influential futurist thinker Alvin Toffler.

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