Sunday, 30 October 2011

Smoof – Uncomplicated EP

A three-track EP from Smoof here that sits somewhere between deep techno and progressive house, and is musical and melodic enough that it could also have broader appeal, particularly for afterhours parties, Sunday sessions, radio shows and the like.

Dreaming Of Unkissed Waters
mingles deep house, deep techno and Balearic influences. Minion is a more straight-up deep techno cut with a dramatic feel that should appeal to the progressive house DJs, while Uncomplicated is another track that's in a proggy vein, only this time it's not so much drama'd up as zonked out… just eight minutes of electronic grooves to put you in a trance. The good sort of trance, that is… not, y'know, the trance sort!

A decent bet, then, for lovers of that whole 'well-crafted soundscapes' kinda vibe.

Out: This week

About: This is the latest from the UK's Zipped Records – relative newcomers to the scene but turning out some good stuff for sure (and always so polite in their emails, too, not to mention being based in TIWWD's old home town of Manchesterford-On-Sea)

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