Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Treatment – On & On

Next up, we stick with the disco vibes. But given that this hails from Norway and is brought to you by Paper Recordings, you'd be expecting something a bit deeper, and you'd be right. That said, while On & On features the lush production values we've come to expect from that whole Scandi-disco scene, it thankfully lacks the epic/prog pretensions of certain bigger-name artists I could mention.

There are five mixes in total, the Original plus re-rubs from Leca, Mowgli, Ralph Myerz and Proviant Audio. The general vibe doesn't vary hugely on the first few, it has to be said – lush, melodic instrumental disco with some vaguely John Carpenter-esque synths ("is this a Halloween mix or something?" asked my GF) is pretty much the idea on the Original, Leca and Mowgli mixes. Not that that's by any means a bad thing!

Proviant Audio though does head off in a different direction, with a jazz-tinged mix that makes me think of 70s cop movie soundtracks in some parts, and of hypothetical lounge bars in outer space in others. And then there's Ralph's take: his 5am Eternal Love Dub puts the emphasis on dub in the traditional sense, and throws in that classic "you make me feel so good" sample for maximum "90s raver post-club" effect.

All of which adds up to another must-have from the mighty Paper.

Out: This week

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