Sunday, 2 October 2011

Other cool stuff this week (pt2)

Malena - No Me Digas Nada
I've never made any secret of the fact that Spanish vocals in house music never really do it for me, but this is otherwise a pleasant-enough slice of Ananda-esque chillage. Hector Romero and Tomo Inoue beef it up for the floor a little, while the latter also supplies the slo-mo NY Peace Pipe Mix. As for the lyrics, presumably it's about a woman who wanted her man to dig a load of holes in the garden – maybe she had a fence she wanted to put in, or something – but he didn't dig a single hole. Lazy, y'see. Well, she's not having it.

Matt Wheeler – Dieso 76 EP
A pleasingly varied tech-house three-tracker from new boy Mr Wheeler, ranging from the near-tribal percussive drive of Not This Time to the more funktified Having Problems. On this evidence, here's to hearing more from the boy soon.

Neil & Edgar VM –
Disco Dreamers
Insistent, rolling percussion and treated female vocal snippets are the order of the day on this house workout from Factomania, which has 'dancing outside in the sunshine' written all over it but'd work just as well in dark, sweaty basements. Five mixes but they're 'subtly different', let's say.

Pretty Criminals – Who's
Larry Kabutz?
The most out-and-out techno-y thing we've heard yet from the Essex boys better known for their deep tech-house. Matt McLarrie's remix is a bit housier but the big surprise is the ace LDNROX Who's Who Mix, which flirts with dubstep flavas. It's the kind of hybrid I suspect we'll start to see more of in the next year or two… and if time proves me right on that one then do feel free to quote me on that as much as you like.

Ruthit – Deep Blue EP
And finally, a slab of proper good old-fashioned deep house from Ruthit, a Manc producer who's had stuff out before on Murmur, Baker Street and four:twenty, among others. All three of Ruthit's originals are quality, as are the remixes (of Deep Blue itself by MANIK, and of Disturb The Comfortable by Boris Horel), but it's the original mix of the title cut that's doing it best for me – it's just lovely, and the perfect way to end our round-up.

Good night, house heads everywhere.

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