Thursday, 20 October 2011

ALBUM The Littlemen - Retro Resources

For those that don't know, and there might be some I guess, The Littlemen - AKA Steve Lee and Gavin Belton – emerged out of the same East Midlands deep house free party scene that gave us DiY and the Inland Knights.

Given that fact, and given that this is a 'best of' compilation celebrating ten years since their first release, you probably think you've got a pretty good idea what to expect her. And yes, that well-established East Midlands bump is the order of the day to a large extent. But to be fair, there's more to Retro Resources than that, because as well as cobbling together some of their best-loved tracks, they've also commissioned remixes from a host of contemporary names including Lawnchair Generals, Kinky Movement, Raoul Belmans, Ken ECB, Special Interest and the aforesaid Inland Knights themselves.

As such, it's a little more current-sounding than it could have been. and a very solid bet indeed for fans of UK-style deep house. Hell, the slap bass-tastic remix of Foolin' Around by Tony Laminex is worth the price of admission on its own!

Out: This week

About: Like most of the Littlemen's output, this comes on their own Mobile Trax imprint.

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