Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lee Guthrie - Through The Smoke EP

From a release that's hard to classify (see Craig Stewart, below) to one that's very, very easy to classify… cos this EP from Lee Guthrie ain't nothing but a deep, druggy and jackin' tech-house thang from start to finish.

But this, too, is a good thing to TIWWD's mind, of course!

Three tracks – Green Sticks, Distance and Through The Smoke – and any or all of 'em will do the damage on those floors where they like it, er, deep, druggy and jackin'.

Not got a lot else to say about this one to be honest but it's good.

Out: This week

About: This comes courtesy of Lee's own Click Therapy label, who as here do a neat line in tech-house as well as some more out-and-out techy/minimal stuff. According to their Soundcloud page, "our music is currently being supported by Richie Hawtin, Layo & Bushwacka, Luciano, X-Press2, SLAM, M.A.N.D.Y, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Eddie Richards, Inland Knights, Roger Sanchez, Huxley, Audiojack, Johnny Fiasco, Nick Holder [and] Joshua Heath"… which gives you an idea of the kind of thing to expect, I guess.

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