Monday, 10 October 2011

Agent Matteo - Deep Inside EP

The second release from Matty 'Agent Matteo' Gillespie's own label, Deep Rhythm Music, and as you might expect – given the name, and if you know Matt's track record – deep n' groovy house music is the order of the day.

Another Day feature crisp percussion, a Jersey-ish organ parping away in the background and some stabby piano chords sprinkled over the top, all adding up to something of an old school-sounding treat. Cosy Corner is a slightly more uptempo and energetic affair, but equally lush on the sounds front, and then finally Golden Sunset, as the name suggests, takes us into slightly more laidback territory for those post-club, or indeed sunset, moments, and features snippets of soulful male vocals as well as even more organ sounds.

Another strong release, then, from what's shaping up to be a label worth watching.

Out: This week

About: The website's still under construction but for now you can find Deep Rhythm on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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