Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Rayner & Wisqo feat Ptah Brown - Beware Of The Funk

Dance music trends and fashions go in circles, as we all know. And with both minimal and dubstep-then-funky having led so many DJs, producers, club-goers and record buyers back, inexorably, to house – not to mention the current resurgence of interest in disco-house – it surely can't be long before big full vocal tracks are back in vogue again.

Rayner & Wisqo seem to have decided the time for such a revival is now, because Beware Of The Funk is essentially the kind of 'big beats and female vocal' cut that, had you visited Ibiza any time in the mid-to-late 90s, you'd have heard the likes of Sanchez and Morales dropping left, right and centre.

The original works a funky bassline and rolling beats in a disconcertingly similar manner to Sarah Parker's My Love Is Deep from 1995; Pretty Criminals turn in a deeper dub reminiscent of early Angel Moraes material; Fraser Owen opts for busier and more uptempo tech-house percussion, on a mix that's got a more contemporary Berlin kinda vibe. But for me the blue riband here goes to Ed Lee, whose marriage of hard, whompy techno kicks and heavily re-treated vox turns the track into a proper dark room/small hours stompathon.

It's a close call, though – any one of the mixes will do the do if dropped at the right time for sure.

Out: This week

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