Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ben Gomori – Island EP

A five-track EP here from Mr Gomori as he returns to Baker Street, with three mixes of No Man Is An Island plus bonus cuts IJM and I See The Dubble With You.

In its original form, No Man Is An Island is a solid, chunky houser that sways along nicely at 124bpm, with a garage-y organ hook and the tiniest of male vocal snippets giving it an overall soulful and quite mellow vibe. Denney's Bak 2 Jak Remix is, as the name suggests, a somewhat tuffer refix, using a longer section of the vocal and featuring a jaunty walking bassline, a longer section of vocal used, while Melos & Kyber go the other way on their Parrots & Palm Trees Remix, taking us into chilled-out territory at 120bpm.

IJM, meanwhile, features Saytek and is unsurprisingly a slightly techier proposition, though with similar Jersey-style organs to No Man… as well, while I See The Dubble With You is a decidedly 'slo-mo' affair, using the mantra-like repetition of a series of ever-building loops to create a sense of big room drama despite the postively sedate 120bpm pace.

It's the original or Bak 2 Jak mixes of the title tracks that are doing it best for me, but with a range of styles to choose from this EP's definitely worth investigating.

Out: This week.

About: Want to more about Baker Street Recordings? Then just click on the link. It's elementary, you might say.

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