Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rambla Boys - Valderambla EP

Named in honour of Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama, this marks the very first release from a collective of DJs, VJs and party people based in Venice, Italy.

Disco-house is the vibe overall but across the EP, various flavas are on offer. The original of Valderrambla itself is a pumping, hi-octane affair in the manner of labels such as Bid Muzik or Nocturnal; in Scuola Furano's hands, though, it becomes a much more slow-grinding, sleazy number with a postively rude bassline and some bleepy old-skool house synths, while Australia's Ashton takes the BPM down further still and adds some nu-disco polish.

You also get Cocomero, a Moroder/Italo-style workout, plus Moranzani, a euphoric piano track in the classic Italian house style. Whatever style of disco-infused house you're after, then, this is well worth checking.

Out: For a couple of weeks, I believe, but we'll break the rules seeing as they're new…

About: You can find out all you need to know about Rambla Boys from their website, Facebook and Soundcloud pages. They can already count Faze Action, Serge Santiago and Hard Ton among their supporters, I'm told, so I'd suggest you take a look!

Oh yeah, and this is on Mozzarella Recordings, who are based in Bologna and can also be found on Facebook.

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