Monday, 3 October 2011

Tahloula - We Play House

And from some cool stuff yesterday, to some great stuff today. This being the latest from Munich's Great Stuff Recordings, y'see…

Down n' dirty house music is the order of the day here, generally. Notice that I didn't say 'deep, down and dirty', because while this is credible enough to work on deep house floors, it's also driving and, yes, accessible enough that it needn't be limited to such play. That's assuming the deeper floors can handle the vocal, that is – it might be a bit too punk-funky/Hoxton-y for some, though personally I can handle it in this instance.

Mix-wise, you can choose from the cheeky, lo-slung funk of the original, the rolling tech-house of Chris Lattner's remix, a more spacey, druggy rub from NICe7 or a Sweatbox Remix from M.A.N.D.Y that, to these ears at least, sits somewhere between deep techno and the more chilled-out end of prog (the hype sheet has it down as "treading the line precariously between haunting and moody and curiously euphoric," which I guess is another way of saying the same thing).

Great stuff? Great's a big word and I'd want to see how a floor reacted before I committed to it. But very solid stuff, certainly.

Out: This week

About: Great Stuff should need no introduction by now, but here's the usual Facebook, MySpace and Soundcloud links. I'm told this first came out on Copenhagen's Tartelet Records, though whether we're to infer from that that Tahloula is/are Danish, I've no idea.

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