Sunday, 30 October 2011

ALBUM Lusty Zanzibar – Find A Way

Lusty Zanzibar is something of a Nang stalwart already, having appeared on several label comps and remixed numerous Nang artists… so where else to head with his debut full-length?

Opening with The Feeling, which was out as a single some months back, Find A Way sees this young UK producer finding his way along a musical path that takes in elements of nu-disco, house and Balearica, and blending all those elements together to come up with a distinctive shiny happy grown-up dance pop hybrid all of his own, with Muneerah's sweet female vocals (which appear on over half the tracks) helping to lend cohesion to the whole. As regards the question, 'is it any good or not?'… well yeah it's okay, actually, or I wouldn't be writing about it – it can sound a little sickly-sweet and cloying in places, at times, but that depends on your mood I think.

Definitely an album you'll want to pick your moment for, then. But there are enough gems here – disco instrumental Luminous Motion, Stonebridge-esque pop-house anthem Don't Stop On The Beat, the icy Detroit-isms of On Our Way To Bliss – to make this worth a punt all the same.

Out: This week

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