Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jamahr - Voodoo

A nice varied set of mixes on this latest from Endemic Digital, ranging from deep house to, well, not quite so deep house.

The Original starts with simple boom-click-boom-click percussion, a looping snippet of Afro-ish male vocal and an understated struttin' b-line, before in comes a throbbing, sci-fi ish synth that introduces the disembodied "in my head" main vocal hook. Some Detroitian string stabs then complete the musical palette, which overall is painting a picture of bleak, stark beauty. Voodoo magic indeed.

The Dave James Minimal Dub then does pretty much what it says on the tin (or would, if it came in a tin): the beauty here is even more stark and spartan, yet rich and warm rather than bleak. Very nice indeed, in fact this mix could be my favourite, certainly for home listening.

But then d00sh serves up a rub that's different again, pushing forward with tribal-style rhythms and some big synth sounds which hark back to the post-rave days of early prog and nu-NRG (think Gat Decor's Passion, f'rinstance) and that are counterpointed nicely by a sweeping, Balearic keyboard (not piano, more like an 80s analogue synth on 'organ' setting) melody. It's a mix for dancing to all day on an Ibeefa terrace (if there's still anywhere you're actually allowed to do that).

As I said, three widely varying mixes stylistically, but all three of 'em highly playable.

Out: This week

About: Here for about the 347th time, is the inevitable link to Endemic Digital, just in case you just came in! You can easily find all their social media pages from there.

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