Monday, 31 October 2011

Talavera - Cacao EP

In which a young Puerto Rican called Jose Gutierrez serves up "a blend of energetic and funky tunes, alongside deeper laidback grooves," according to the hype sheet… and sorry to be so lazy and just cut and paste that but to be fair, that IS pretty much the size of it.

There are four tracks featured, of which you can file Higher and Jack under 'energetic and funky' and Rising Sunsets and We Communicate under 'deeper and laidback'. I'm gonna plump for Rising Sunsets as my pick as of this moment, cos it's brought a little sunshine into a cold, rainy and miserable October night. But were I on a dancefloor right now it'd be Jack that I'd want to hear the most: it's upbeat enough to move bodies but floaty and drifty at the same time, which for me at least is always a winning combo.

Out: 4 November

About: This comes atcha on So Sound Recordings… Jazzy Eyewear's Miami-based deep house imprint, which I'm sure you didn't need me to tell you!

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