Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bhoo - Flower Dust EP

And from an artist (Nathan G) and a label (Large) that you should all be aware of, to an artist (Bhoo, obviously) that I haven't come across before and a label (Four Fingers Hand) who are only on their eighth release. It's all about the balance, y'see.

Bhoo are, I'm told, a collective of DJs and producers based in Naples, Italy. And that's about all I know, but on this evidence let's hope we hear more from them soon. The Original of Dust Flower is a near-instrumental deep houser built for the dancefloor with little techy tinges around the edges; Floska's remix takes us into deeper, sparser afterhours territory, Gastek brings the track's soulful/melodic qualities to the fore while Lostrocket takes things just a little more upbeat and summery.

But it's a quality deep house offering whichever way you spin it. More, please.

Out: This week

About: You can find Four Fingers Hand on Facebook.

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