Saturday, 22 October 2011

ALBUM Jazzy Eyewear - No Limit To Love: Chicago

The second installment in the No Limit To Love series from So Sound Recordings focuses on the city where it all began, Chicago. That's not to say all the tracks featured COME from Chicago, though… the concept's a little more involved than that, as Fabian himself explains:

"I moved from Argentina to Chicago in 1990 and lived there for 11 years…when I put this compilation together I was thinking of my early days, when I started producing house music in my apartment on Wolcott & Division. The cold weather and snow was the perfect background for a dreamy creative journey, sampling my favourite jazz & funk records and getting into the late night sessions without even noticing. This compilation features the brilliant work of some of the hottest new producers from around the globe - from the UK, Russia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Germany, as well as Chicago & San Francisco - all bringing their own take on 'Chicago House'.

“This is also a tribute to Mark Farina, whom I met at Shelter in Chicago in 1991. Mark is the man who invented the style of house represented on this compilation - he was the one who brought all these styles together and made them all work, shuffled on top of chunky house grooves. I want to specially thank Mark Farina for being of so much inspiration."

So much for Jazzy Eyewear's intentions, what about the TIWWD verdict? Well, deep house is essentially the order of the day… but ranging from the (nu) disco-fied to the jazzy to the techy and all stops in between, so it's by no means same-y. There's plenty of dancefloor bounce throughout, as would befit the Chi-town theme, but two tracks from Freaky Behaviour, Chunky Butt and Table Magic, are particularly worthy of your attention.

So: wicked stuff, in a word. Or rather two words, but you know what I mean. Acquire.

Out: Last week… I didn't get round to it then, for various reasons, but it was just too good to ignore.

About: So Sound Recordings is of course Fabian AKA Jazzy Eyewear's own label, but you knew that, didn't you?

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