Sunday, 16 October 2011

Unclepasha - Grapevine EP

Seem to be getting less nu-disco sent through lately, but you can always rely on Nang… and this latest doesn't disappoint.

Actually though, to dismiss this as 'nu-disco' would be to do it something of a disservice. Spirit Free, presented here in both vocal (feat Michelle Bee) and instrumental versions, is similar to the kind of genre-defying, "post-nu disco Balearic pop" – for want of a better term – that Matt Playford and Tom Gray serve up under their Weirdo Police guise (as showcased on the excellent We Love… Portraits 01 album earlier this year), with a little bit of jazz-funk thrown in for good measure. And Budutut is a similarly hard-to-pin-down affair that you might describe as somewhere between nu-old funk, free jazz and slo-mo house.

All very interesting stuff. But the real reason this is here is the title track, Grapevine, which you'd definitely file under the nu-disco tag… and which is also, incidentally, the best Marvin Gaye re-work you're likely to hear all year, centred around that oh-so-familiar bassline and throwing house-y beats and space-y disco noises around the room right left and centre.

And you can hear it… here! Loving this one.

Out: This week

About: Here's the Nang homepage and obviously you can click through above to find out more about Unclepasha. I'll tell you right now he's from St Petersburg and his real name's Pavel Gorelikov, but that's all I know.

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