Sunday, 2 October 2011

Other cool stuff this week (pt1)

This week it's been a case of 'so much music, so little time', so here are a few more cool bits and bobs that have come out in the past seven days… apologies to the labels/artists concerned that these ones are gonna have to be short n' sweet!

Alexander Rotobnick –
Love Supreme
The 1984 cosmic disco classic now finally gets an official digital release.Four mixes to choose from: the Original and Original 12", plus a DJ tool-type Groove (beats) mix and an Edit to bring the track a little more up-to-date soundwise, lovingly crafted by Robotnick himself
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Chloe Harris - Doomp
Cerebral-but-still-groovy deep techno from Ms Harris, with five mixes of which, ironically, I think the Not Deep Mix is doing it best for me.

Christian Cambas - No Wave
Okay, so one of two things is happening: either there's a lot of funky, groovy techno around at the moment, or I'm just getting more into techno than I've ever been before. Possibly both. Anyway, the DJ PP Remix is the badger here.

Craig Stewart - Time & Again
Our second from Mr Stewart this week, who's clearly been a busy boy of late. This one's just as varied in tone as the 3345 release below but mostly from track to track as opposed to all in the one song, with mixes ranging from dancefloor deep house (Artie Flexs) to nu-disco (Herb LF DisGoD) to retro acid (Snuff Crew).
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Don Ruijgrok – Kinda Funky EP
Is this tech-house? Or is it just of that more funk-fuelled techno I was talking about? You decide, but it's pretty cool whatever you call it and it comes from Italian imprint Four Fingers Hand (just seven releases old) and Dutch newcomer Ruijgrok.

Geisha Twins - Do You
Feel The Same
More o' dat retro disco-house action from Stardust Records. Five mixes (of which Audiofunktion does it best for me) plus bonus cut Come To Me, which being just a little less commercial-sounding is probably actually my favourite of the lot.

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