Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nick Robson - Logistics EP

Okay, so if I can just distract everyone from the Richie Hawtin/vinyl vs digital/Facebook storm in a teacup for one second… teehee… here we have two prime slices of what you might quite justifiably call 'tracky shit' from Mr Robson, aimed really at techno/minimal floors but – might I be so bold as to suggest – enough of a funky feel to appeal to house jocks too.

Logisticks, as the name suggests, is an out-and-out drum track, while One To Eight on the flip is as much about the pulsating b-line and as it is about the endlessly looping hand percussion. Neither's likely to be your favourite tune of the year or end up as one of your Desert Island Discs, but then they're not meant to. These are tracks designed purely for adding depth and texture to your DJ sets, and they'll do that job admirably. Fine work Mr R.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on those Essex-based techno stalwarts Sounds of Juan.

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