Monday, 31 October 2011

DJ Ermi - Dolce E Profondo Pt 2

I don't speak Italian but I'm pretty sure the title here would translate as 'sweet and deep'. Which nicely sums up the three tracks on the second installment in this series from DJ Ermi and the recently revitalised, always on-point Black Vinyl Records.

DSP is driven by a full-phat bassline that underpins crisp, insistent percussion, some flute wibbles that for once DON'T sound horribly self-indulgent (largely because they're not overdone) and spoken male vox about power and freedom and stuff. House is another funktified affair but a tad more driving, with some old-skool sounding piano chords and one of those vocals… yeah you know the ones… while Man A Man goes down a more percussive, almost DC10/tribally kinda path, albeit with the shakers and what have you offset by some sweetly meandering Spanish guitar and vibes (as in vibes the instrument).

Actually, thinking about it, perhaps whatever the Italian is for 'sweet and upbeat' might've been a better title, cos the emphasis here is definitely on dancefloor rumpshakers rather than late-night headnod-athons… but it's a strong EP all the same.

Out: This week

About: At the moment you can mostly find Black Vinyl online at their Facebook page, but here's an interesting interview with label boss Alan Russell at Stompy as well.

Oh yeah, and DJ Ermi is from Naples, in case you were wondering.

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