Monday, 4 July 2011

Owen Howells - Chips, Beans & Cheese EP

Sitting right on that house/techno crossover point, this is a strong offering from this upcoming producer.

Few Good Man works samples of disturbing film dialogue over a menacing midtempo that's like late 90s NYC tribal meets Belgian new beat… well, a bit like that, anywway... all a bit odd but very good. Lose Fun starts out like your typical moody, arty techno chugger before throwing in a whole bunch of unexpected melodic elements taking in jazz, house and more… with this one I'm reminded of the kind of leftfield house peddled by the excellent Star-Fi Recordings (who don't seem to love me any more BTW, if you were wondering why they'd not cropped up on here lately).

And then best of all, there's Grumpy Tac, a thumping dancefloor deep houser with an old skool feel and a Martin Luther King (I think?) speech sample that older heads will remember from the DJ Rush track, But It Really Doesn't Matter With Me Now, to which it gave its name back in the days when Cajual/Relief reigned supreme (see here if you don't know what I'm talking about)

Out: This week

About: After downloading this one I got a very friendly and polite email from Mr Howells asking if there was any chance of it getting a review because "it would be a big help to a relative newcomer such as myself". Well after he asked so nicely how could I refuse… especially that I'd already flagged up the EP for a write-up anyway.

So yeah, this is on Isle of Man-based Wunderkammer Recordings, it's their 9th release I believe, and you can find out more about 'em by clicking here.

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