Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nique - Hoyne EP

Some quality house vibes on Manchester Underground Music here. Unusually for this label though, the artist involved isn't actually from Manchester... but rather from the birthplace of house music, Chi-Town itself. The Hoyne EP marks his first full release on MUM, following on from his remix of Rulers Of The Deep's Fettle.

Again there are three tracks to choose from. Left On Hoyne fuses techy and soulful elements to great (deeper) dancefloor effect, Right On Hoyne is a sparser but still brings da funk while Two Blocks West is a deeper groove with snippets of sampled speech, truncated Rhodes chords and all kinds of weirdy FX and atmospheres going on deep in the mix. One for those locked-on, 'eyes wide shut' 4am kinda moments.

A strong EP that suggests you might want to be keeping an eye out for Nique in the future.

Out: This week

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