Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wasabi & Outcode - Groove On

Wasabi Outcode Groove OnJust a very quick post tonight, for two reasons: 1. Self and GF have just had the canoe out on the river, so in need of some serious sofa-based relaxation now, and 2. There's just the one track here… not sure if the full release will have more but there's just the one track promo'd at any rate.

And, as it's from label boss Wasabi (plus Erase stalwart Outcode), it doesn't deviate too much from the kind of thing you'd expect from Erase, either… except that while you'd normally associate Erase with no-nonsense tech-house chuggers made for the dancefloor, this IS all those things but with a little more funk/soul in its veins as well.

Another very likeable little offering from Erase then, basically. Groove on indeed.

Out: This week

About: As discussed, this is on Erase, which is Wasabi's own label, based in Greece. Find out more via their website, which has links to all their various social media sites. Too lazy to post individual links but if you want to HEAR THIS, well, you can...

Wasabi & Outcode: Groove On ( Clip ) by Erase Records

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