Monday, 4 July 2011

Miguel Colmenares - Elastic Funk

Miguel Colmenares Elastic FunkThe lead track here, Elastico, wins my favour from the off by featuring one of those ping-y 'space disco' noises prominently… that's definitely my favourite noise in the world. There's more to this three-track EP than just one very pleasing sound, though.

Er, well actually Elastico pretty much IS all about the ping-y space disco noise and some lush piano chords... but since when was yours truly ever likely to hold that against a track? Mono Funk is then a slab of sparse, tracky and driving dancefloor deepness with sampled vocal snips, and then finally Ground Floor moves back into lush, late-night territory, rounding out the EP nicely.

One '4 da headz', as one of my successors to iDJ's editor's chair so hated people saying. None of the tracks DO a lot, and some people might describe them as boring – Crookers fans and such. You and me, we'll just lose ourselves in their sonorous, soporific, soul-soothing beauty...

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on Musical Missionary. They're not a label we hear loads from – this is only number eight - but they have featured on here before… they're essentially a US charity label, releasing tracks artists have given them for free to raise money for music and arts education for underprivileged kids. A worthy endeavour for sure… you can find out more here.

Oh yeah, and Miguel Colmenares is Spanish, BTW.

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