Thursday, 7 July 2011

Brezza & JP DJ - Cosmo EP

More deep and funk-fuelled prog shizzle from the Eternal Music stable here.

Just the two mixes, but they're quite different. The Original is deep n' driving, the kind of thing that'd work as warm-up tackle for prog jocks or as a very late night bliss-out kinda affair on deep house floors. The Lysa remix, meanwhile, is an altogether twitchier, tech-house influenced affair.

Not got huge amounts to say about this one really – it be's that way sometimes – but it's solid stuff for sure.

Out: This week

About: Eternal Music are one of those labels who like to keep things mysterious… all I know is they send me a lot of stuff, mostly in a proggy kinda vain, and despite being a relatively young imprint they're up to their 6th compilation, which is also out this week - I'll try and get a separate post up about that but if not, well, yeah, Eternal Music Vol 6 is also out this week.

Can't find a website for them either so for now, here's JP's Soundcloud page instead, where you can currently HEAR THIS

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