Monday, 11 July 2011

Lotek - International Rudeboy

Gotta say, there's nights when you're in the mood to think of something new and interesting to say about yet another deep house record… and nights when you're not. This is one of those where I'm not, really, so instead here's a sampler EP for the new Lotek album, which is out on the 25th.

I'm not really sure if it's an actual sampler EP that's gonna be in shops n' that, or just a three-track promo because they don't trust me with the full LP! Doesn't matter though. The track we're most concerned with here is Rebel Hi-Fi, which is a slab of heavy rocker's reggae/dub, albeit with a dubstep-tinged bassline that places it firmly in the here and now and not some smokey Brixton basement in the mid-70s. And with some quality toasting on top.

International Rudeboy and Don't Want No are similarly reggae-fied, but at the end of the day more in a UK hiphop vein which ain't really me. But Rebel Hi-Fi rocks.

Out: See above

About: This is on UK hiphop/funk/soul/jazz label First Word Records, who can be found online here.

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