Monday, 4 July 2011

Danny Daze - Your Everything

Danny Daze Your EverythingWell, here we are, Monday morning again… and after a weekend where blogging took second fiddle to a) running around St Paul's Carnival in Bristol with an airhorn and b) downloading a ton of new choonage, got some QUALITY new releases to tell you about this week.

The hype sheet for this one calls it "an addictive brew of potent disco tech" and claims it was "the undeniable highlight of WMC". Strong words, but musically, Your Everything is certainly a birrova beast, with a HUGE walking bassline that recalls classic Underwater-style Brit house circa 2002. I'm less convinced by the indie-ish vocal though. Never good.

If there was a dub/instramental of Your Everything on offer, then yeah. As it is – despite the power of that bassline – gonna have to plump here instead for the straight-up retro house action of Fall Away From Love, which doesn't re-write any rule books or anything but does have some great Italo house-style stabs.

Out: This week

About: This comes on UK label Hot Creations (website here) but Danny Daze is actually from Miami, and you can check out more of his shizzle on Soundcloud.

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