Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sportloto – Will I EP

It's Sunday morning, and time to get on the nu-disco train with Sportloto, a Russian chap by the name of Andrey Rublev who've had who's had previous releases on Nang, Bearfunk and Compost.

On this four-track EP you get 'Original Instrumental' and Crazy P-ish Vocal mixes of Will I itself, which features Italo-type synths above a floaty, Balearic backdrop, plus a Fabrizi Mammarella Remix which is a stripped-down take that's all about the lo-slung electrofunk/proto-garage bassline, and comes topped off with a little gentle acid squelch as the track goes on. Bonus track Metamorphis [sic], meanwhile, is an upbeat affair that leans more heavily in an Italo direction, with shiny-cold 80s synths a-gogo.

It's the Mammarella Remix I'm digging the most but suffice to say Nang fans won't be disappointed here.

Out: This week

About: You can HEAR THIS and much more from Sportloto at his Soundcloud page, while here's the link for Nang Records.

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