Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Le Vinyl - Time For Change

A new release from Martijn's Deep Edition Recordings is something of an event in TIWWD's world… and this latest doesn't disappoint.

Le Vinyl has his own deep house label, Deepmentality, and has also released on the likes of Look Ahead, Seamless and Loco Records. Here for the northeast-based Deep Edition he serves up a mid-paced deep/tech-house cut, featuring sampled speech over the kind of drawn-out, rough-edged synth builds this writer will forever associate with Presence's Sense Of Danger. Some big, echo-y organ sounds add warmth towards the end.

But it's really the Chris Minus A Bit Deep Fried Remix that I'm feeling more, as it ups the tempo slightly, adds a little swing to the percussion and chops up the vox to create something considerably more floor-friendly. Excellent work.

Out: This week

About: I've pretty much told you all I know about Deep Edition but you can visit them for yourself on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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