Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Monsieur M – Appletini

I wish Savoir Faire Musique would hurry up and put out a rubbish record, just so's that we could break this seemingly endless loop of me telling you how good their releases are… you'll think I sleep on Savoir Faire pillowcases. Well, I don't*, but the fact is, that longed-for day has yet to arrive – this is yet another bomb from the Savoir Faire stable.

The original of Appletini is like an object lesson in how to create the deepest of deep house without losing the music's essential danceability… it's the kind of track that's equally at home on the floor or on the sofa, and that's a harder trick to pull off than it might seem. With a dubby, almost sub-aquatic feel coupled with hip-shaking beats that just don't stop and a floaty female vocal which sounds like it's intoning "hot looking babes" over and over but I guess might not be, it's pretty damn near perfect, IMHO.

Mix-wise, John Diloo takes us deeper still into proper post-club dub territory, also adding some 'did I really just hear that?' warped sax stabs, while Dimi Wilson's rub uses a different female vocal and reminds me a little bit of Mission Control's classic Outta Limits, which is no bad thing!

Truth be told, all three rubs are absolute killers… d'you know what? If Savoir Faire do ever decide to bring out a range of bedding, I just might have to buy some.

Out: This week

About: Here's where to find Savoir Faire online. Monsieur M himself is Turkish-born but raised in Athens; John Diloo is also from Greece, I'm not sure about Dimi Wilson though.

*I actually sleep on very boring plain white pillowcases, if you must know

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