Saturday, 3 December 2011

Funky Loco - So Sweet EP

A nice little four-tracker here from Florida's So Sound Recordings, who are certainly no strangers to this blog, courtesy of label partner Funky Loco.

The 'title' cut, So Sweet Baby, is a rolling midtempo jazzy deep houser, showing off Pablo Valera's time-served production skills nicely. It's accompanied by a mix from a guy we don't hear enough from these days, DJ RaSoul, who toughens up the beats for the dancefloor without losing any of the track's essentially dreamy, floaty feel.

Samba Jazz is fairly self-explanatory, a Latin/lounge-y cut that's sure to go down well in sunnier climes while finally, Wonderful Place is disco-fied deep house cut from the finest cloth, and features a spoken female vocal with a green message, as well as a noodly little geetar lick towards the end that, to these ears, is reminiscent of Tango In The Night-era Fleetwood Mac (I love Ver Mac, by the way, so that's by no means a complaint!)

Quality stuff.

Out: This week

About: Like I said, So Sound are no strangers to this blog so you shouldn't need me to tell you too much more by now!

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