Saturday, 3 December 2011

Fiver & ben A - Wisdom Comes Suddenly EP

The first release from a brand new label here, always an exciting thing, and naturally enough it comes from the label bosses. Fiver and ben A are Matt Fiveson and Ben Archuleta, respectively, and described on the hype sheet as "veteran producers and audiophiles." Well… I can't say I've come across 'em before, but on this evidence I'm certainly happy to hear more.

There are just two tracks featured here. Remember Sammy Jankis is a deep/tech dancefloor workout with a funky kinda feel, while Transparency (credited to F-Stop) is a somewhat deeper, more sedate affair that's contemplative in mood, with some lovely jazzy keys and garage-y female "oo-oohs" atop crisp but not overly forceful beats… niceness!

A flying start… more soon, please.

Out: This week

About: Fiver and ben A's new label is called 5 and Dime Recordings, and they're based in the US. About all I know so far… but here are the tracks themselves for your listening pleasure!

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