Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sebastian Davidson - Earthrise EP

Great to be back in touch with Sebastian Davidson and his Nightbird Music label, cos this is another high-quality offering from this ever-reliable stable.

Earthrise itself is a languid, piano-led house number with hints of disco and some sampled female vocal wails. Johnny is a slightly chunkier affair but still pretty unhurried, with a mournful, soulful kind of air about it. And then finally Last Love Found is just a tiny bit techier in its sound palette, but retains the overall warm-up/post-club vibe.

Earthrise is the pick of the three tracks for me I think but overall, what we have here are three prime house slices from the deeper side. Keep 'em coming Monsieur D!

Out: This week

About: Anyone who read iDJ when it was still alive will remember that Nightbird Music featured in our 'rising stars of deep house' round-up shortly before the mag closed. You can find 'em on Facebook, MySpace and Soundcloud, and here's a little write-up on Resident Advisor.

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