Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Claes Rosen - Into The Bloom

THIS JUST IN! as they used to say. Y'know, in 20-odd years of doing journalism stuff I don't think I've ever put that before… anyway, yeah, this is hot off the download right this very second. And it's just lovely.

Into The Bloom is, in its original form, a beautiful piece of electronic music that sits somewhere between deep house, lounge-y jazz and chill-out. With gently shuffling percussion, beautiful piano chords, space-y synths and mangled vocal sounds, if I was still doing the podcast right now (which I will again, one day…) this'd be the opening track on the next show for sure. Gorgeous.

But if you want it a little more dancefloor-oriented, then worry not cos there are no fewer than five remixes on offer, courtesy of Adam Byrd, Nicolas Agudelo, Luiz B, Ricky Inch and Elvin Ong. These mostly sit somewhere between progressive house and nu-disco/Scandolearica, though my pick of the rerubs would be Byrd's post-club/afterhours deep house take.

There should be something here for lots of you to play, though – this is classy stuff, and possibly the best yet from Spring Tube.

Out: This week

About: Spring Tube are Russian, don't you know?

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