Friday, 2 December 2011

Namatjira – Moranbah

Winning the award for 'hardest to spell artist name and track title of the week' is this chunky n' funky deep/progressive house dancefloor cut from Holland.

Moranbah is presented, simply enough, in two mixes. The original is, as I said, chunky n' funky, a midtempo affair with just the very slightest of prog tinges – not so much in the sounds as in the structure, if you know what I mean. The accompany remix – and yeah, it's just called Remix – features slightly more driving percussion and even more of a proggy feel… but that's 'proggy' in a good, drifty/floaty/Balearic kinda way, you understand. Not as in, like, horribly over-blown drum rolls or anything.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Toes In The Sand, and that's where I get a bit confused… cos they used to be based in Cleveland, Ohio but operations now seem to be based in Holland.

I'd try and solve the mystery for you and be a bit more helpful, but we're off out shortly to go see Bristol-based jazz/hip-hop/ambient band Lund Quartet so I'm gonna have to leave you to do your own research…

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