Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Davide Giugliano - MWAK

UK "techno, tech-house and progressive" label (their description) come up trumps here with a cracking release from Italian technomeister Davide Giuliano.

All three mixes – the original, plus rerubs from Audio Junkies and Mario Miranda – sit more or less under the tech-house banner, though I guess "deep/tech house" might be a more fitting description for Miranda's mix. But while all three are perfectly playable for sure, what really makes MWAK is the highly distinctive Arabic/Middle Eastern-style vocal. For that reason, it's the Original that works best for me, just cos it lets the vocal shine through the most.

I'm not gonna go into long descriptions of what mix has what drum sound and all that… all you need to know is, this is a STORMER. So much of a stormer, in fact, I think you need to hear it…

Out: This week

About: You can find Human Garden on Facebook and Soundcloud, or here's where you can find out more about Mr Giuliano himself.

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