Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christian Sanchez & Frej Le Vin - The Joy

Some more quality deep house grooves here from Unrivaled…

The Original mix of The Joy wins a friend in me by dropping down almost immediately into a BIG sparse organ groove right from the get to. It then slowly starts to build, until by the end it's turned into something quite proggy and Balearic. In Micha Klang's hands, the track becomes a slightly techier affair, with some nice space disco stabs and a hip-house approach to vocals, that's aimed more fairly and squarely at the dancefloor. And then finally, with an overall 'less is more' philosophy and no sense of urgency about actually going anywhere much, the Hook & Seimon remix brings the EP to a close and is one for when it's time to lean back and slowly sink into the sofa…

Or to put it another way: warm-up, peaktime and post-club mixes included. Tee-hee. But seriously folks, this is great – in all three flavas.

Out: This week

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