Sunday, 11 December 2011

No Artificial Colours - If The Rumours Were True EP

Some no-nonsense deep, down n' jackin' tech-house here made strictly for underground dancefloors… and on a brand-new label, to boot. What more recommendation could I give it, really?

As far as the three originals go, Dangerous is a sleazy, bottom end-heavy midtempo bump n' grind number (and one of my faves), ThugMode is a Berlin-ish tech-houser with a slight nod to UKG in its skippy, staccato feel, while Tooo Skool For Cool is a chuggy affair with sampled vocal snips that remind me a little bit – in the tiniest bit of a way possible, in fact – of Alabama Blues. Label boss Rob Made also contributes a remix of ThugMode (my other fave) that drops the tempo and takes the track into more discofied territory, without losing any of its late-night, wonky quality…

As well as the obvious tech-house references, one suspects those involved may have more than a few EBM and new beat records in their collection as well… personally I've never hung around in heavy gay S&M clubs on the Reeperbahn (call me a stick in the mud) but this is sort of what I imagine they might sound like. Sleezy Deep indeed.

Out: This week

About: Rob Made is in fact Robin Tabor, of F*** House Music fame, and Sleazy Deep is a new outlet for "underground deep house funk". Find 'em on Soundcloud (where you can HEAR THIS), Facebook and at their own website.

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